Hawaiian music New York

Opening for the Mākaha Sons in Stratham, NH

“Well done, is twice done.” – Benjamin Franklin

What an honor to be a part of the Mākaha Sons show, the second time in three years. Returning to Stratham, NH was a unique and valued opportunity to experience the show from a performer’s perspective – going through sound check, watching the Sons do their thing, and just hanging out. As a “non-touring musician”, I personally learned so much on stage in front of a captive audience. It was a contrast to playing music during cocktail hour or playing back up to hula dancers. All are fun, but taking to the big stage holds great promise that I might pick up some gems from the Mākaha Sons’ 30+ years of performing experience.

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Ukulele wedding ceremony Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Beautiful beach wedding with New Jersey ukulele player

“Great instruments just call to be played and are sources of new found inspiration. I am blessed to have such an ukulele in my possession.”

My first outing with my new KoAloha tenor ukulele was a beach wedding in Point Pleasant, NJ. Weddings hold a very special place in my heart. I feel there is no bigger honor than to have a couple invite me into their lives by including me in their wedding celebration! Congrats to the bride and groom, Amanda and Daniel! Perfect weather, great guests, and a beautiful ceremony. They transformed the New Jersey shore into Hawaii by including hula dancers at the reception. It sure is great to be getting outside now, a stark contrast from the cold of January when the ukulele arrived at my doorstep straight from Honolulu.

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Featured in “Hawaiian Culture Throughout The World”

New Jersey, USA

by Lovena Harwood

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of Hawaii? For some folks, its tikis, hula girl dashboard dolls and pineapples. But there is more to Hawaii than souvenirs.

The heritages of the many diverse communities throughout Hawaii enrich the lives of Hawaii citizens. It is this diverseness that helps attract and keep Hawaiian culture alive, even throughout the world.

Finding Hawaiiana outside of Hawaii has always been a challenge but with more Hawaii-born citizens moving away from Hawaii, keeping in touch with one another and sharing their love for the Hawaiian culture has been made easy thanks to the Internet. Local Hawaiian and island flavor recipes are easily exchanged and coming together for kanikapila, pa’inas and luaus are just a couple clicks away.

This months’ feature is Andy Wang of Taropatch.net. I met Andy in the Fall of 2007 when he opened for the Makaha Sons & Hoku Zuttermeister concert in New Hampshire. Hawaiian music has taken Andy to many places with the advantage of meeting other Hawaiian musicians. He also values the opportunities he now has for learning Slack Key Guitar.

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Hawaiian music New Jersey

Hawaiian Music at Punahou New York City Get Together

From www.punahou.edu

More than 100 Punahou alumni, faculty, staff and friends converged on the television studios of Media 3 Ltd. in midtown Manhattan on Friday, February 29 for an alumni pauhana. Media 3 Ltd. is a state-of-the-art live shot media and broadcast facility, owned and operated by entrepreneurs Damon Haimoff ’85 and Taro Hori (a 1985 graduate of Hawaii Prep), a high-tech inviting venue for this Punahou Alumni Relations gathering.

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