Ku’u Ipo Onaona

Ku’u Ipo Onaona means “my lovely sweetheart.” Andy learned this reworking of Maddy Lam’s composition from slack key master Ledward Kaapana who learned it from his Uncle Fred Punahoa. (G Taro Patch tuning)

Papalina Lahilahi

Papalina Lahilahi (Dainty Cheeks) is a traditional song and a favorite hula. For lyrics, visit

NJ Slack Key

NJ Slack Key is an original composed in taro patch tuning (D-G-D-G-B-D). It is more traditional, influenced by Uncle Raymond Kane’s style.

Double Slack Swing

Double Slack Swing is an original composed in Namakelua’s or Double Slack tuning (D-G-D-F#-B-D). It is contemporary but maintains traditional elements of slack key.